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    Class101 – Finding Your Appeal Characters, Props, and Backgrounds By Choo

    Finding Your Appeal: Characters, Props, and Backgrounds with Artist, Choo WHAT IS THIS CLASS ABOUT? This class is about how to observe subjects that appeal to you and how to translate it into your art to increase visual interest, as well as teaching you how to make smart detail/simplification...
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    Class101 – Turn Fantasy Into Reality – An Easy Guide to Anime Illustrations

    Turn Fantasy Into Reality : An Easy Guide to Anime Illustration with Artist, Eikyrona WHAT IS THIS CLASS ABOUT? Interested in creating spectacular anime-inspired illustrations, but feel like you’re missing some fundamentals? Or do you already know every trick in the book, but just can’t...
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    Class101 – Learn How to Design and Draw Your Own Anime Characters With a Tablet by Pesa

    Create your own anime character illustrations Hello, I’m Pesa, an illustrator who wants to embody happiness and hope into illustrations that tell a story. Little by little, I drew scenes of things I like and wished for and it brought me here to Class101. The world of art Art is a tool and a...
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    Class101 – The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced by Doop

    Step 01 : Everything you need to know about the pencil Let’s learn how to hold the pencil and draw various types of lines Step 02 : The basics of visage Let’s learn about facial proportions, symmetry, and margins Welcome! Introducing the course Meet Doop: illustrator, artist, and instructor...
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    Drawing America – Will Weston – Figure Drawing (Summer 2021)

    In this 6-week (7 lesson) workshop, students will learn basic figure construction and then proceed through the figure focusing more in-depth on human anatomy. Drawing techniques, how to draw volumetrically as well as figure lighting will also be covered. Students will be given weekly homework...
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