1. Lushen

    Horror Movie GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack!

    GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack! Synopsis Though her trip to Okinawa was supposed to be a lovely excursion to the seaside, college student Kaori Sawahara finds that it is anything but when a horrifying menace emerges from the watery depths. A strange mechanism has taken control of the sea creatures...
  2. Lushen

    Action Horror Mystery BATMAN- The Long Halloween 2021 [PART 1&2]

    BATMAN: The Long Halloween [PART 1] Storyline Inspired by the iconic mid-1990s DC story from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One begins as a brutal murder on Halloween prompts Gotham's young vigilante, the Batman, to form a pact with the city's only two uncorrupt...
  3. Lushen

    Completed Action Horror Hellsing Ultimate [unc3nsored]

    Hellsing Ultimate [unc3nsored] Synopsis There exist creatures of darkness and evil that plague the night, devouring any human unfortunate enough to be caught in their grasp. On the other side is Hellsing, an organization dedicated to destroying these supernatural forces that threaten the very...
  4. Lushen

    Action Comedy Fantasy Kishin Douji Zenki [1995][ZENKI EP01-51]

    Kishin Douji Zenki 1995 ( ZENKI ) Synopsis In ancient times, a great battle was waged between a master mage, Enno Ozuno, and an evil demon goddess, Karuma. Unfortunately, Enno didn't have the strength to defeat her alone and was forced to call upon Zenki, a powerful protector demon. After...
  5. Lushen

    Action Horror Psychological Ichi The Killer: Episode 0 [2002 Eng Dub]

    Koroshiya 1 The Animation: Episode 0 ( Ichi The Killer: Episode 0 ) Synopsis A masochistic mobster meets his match in the dark streets of Tokyo. His nemesis, Ichi, is a psychopathic killer with an unrelenting thirst for bloodshed. A horrifying secret burns in his mind, and his hands deal...
  6. Lushen

    Horror Mystery Supernatural Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA (+ Corpse Party: Missing_Footage [unc3nsored])

    Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA Synopsis Nine students gather in their high school at night to bid farewell to a friend. As is customary among many high school students, they perform a sort of ritual for them to remain friends forever, using small paper charms shaped like dolls. However...
  7. Lushen

    Action Supernatural NETFLIX Devilman: Crybaby 2018 [Dual Audio] 720p

    Devilman: Crybaby [Dual Audio] 720p Synopsis Devils cannot take form without a living host. However, if the will of an individual is strong enough, they can overcome the demon and make its power their own, becoming a Devilman. Weak and unassuming, Akira Fudou has always had a bleeding heart...
  8. Lushen

    Horror Movie Thriller Seoul Station 2016 BluRay 720p 700MB / Seoul-yeok

    Seoul Station 2016 / Seoul-yeok Synopsis Several groups of people try to survive a zombie pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown Seoul. GDRIVE/ 720P/700mb/ Hidden content -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👇👇👇
  9. Lushen

    Horror Mystery NETFLIX Tenkuu Shinpan (High-Rise Invasion) (2021) Dual Audio

    Tenkuu Shinpan (High-Rise Invasion) (2021) Dual Audio Synopsis Upon witnessing a man's head cracked open with an axe, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou trembles in fear and confusion as she flees from the masked assailant, only to find out she's trapped in an abandoned building where every door is...
  10. Lushen

    Horror Mystery Psychological Ito Junji: Collection (The Junji Ito Collection)

    Ito Junji: Collection Synopsis In the light of day and in the dead of night, mysterious horrors await in the darkest shadows of every corner. They are unexplainable, inescapable, and undefeatable. Be prepared, or you may become their next victim. Sit back in terror as traumatizing tales...
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