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  1. L

    Hi. I'm Lee

    Hi. I'm Lee (just a screen name, I don't want to share too much of my personal background on www ) with my username of LeeHeine. My username is a combination of my screen name and the name of a character from the anime The Royal Tutor, Heine Wittgenstein. I'm from Cagayan Province, working in...
  2. JyFrnndz

    Netizion Newbie Intro

    Hello, I'm Jay Fernandez/JyFrnndz My username is my name but vowels are removed. I currently reside in QC. I studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines - Diliman, now working as a Graphic Designer for a podcast company in the US. I joined to see if Netizion can give the feels of...
  3. readingLoki

    From Mobilarian - hello

    My name is LJ with readingLoki as my username. I loved reading books and Loki, a mythological god, is one of my favorite. (Prolly the most out of all my favorites) I am currently in metro Manila and I'm unemployed at the moment, heh. I missed lurking in Mobilarian forum, and thankfully I found...
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