rick and morty

  1. mandibulas

    Adventure Cartoon Rick and Morty Season 1-5 | 720p DDL

    Rick and Morty Plot After going missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at his daughter Beth’s doorstep looking to move in with her and her family. Beth welcomes him with open arms, but her unremarkable husband Jerry isn’t too thrilled about the tearful reunion as Rick’s...
  2. Kurarens18

    On going Cartoon Solar Opposite

    Solar Opposite Solar Opposites is the story of a quartet of aliens from far-off Shlorp, forced to leave their planet ahead of an apocalyptic event. They crash-land into a suburban cul de sac, where at least to some degree they're accepted as a part of the local tapestry. sa mga mahilig sa rick...