Brushes Neue Iris Kit by Taozipie for Procreate/Photoshop/Medibang


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Apr 24, 2021
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Neue Iris Kit by Taozipie for Procreate/Photoshop/Medibang

My "Neue" iris kit that comes complete with 32 full color iris PNGS, 16 unique iris brushes, and 10 3D Shine PNGS

A new pack! Just wanted to get this out there for free, since i'm just so happy how it turned out and wanted as many peeps to enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making em ^^


These pngs can be used as a sticker/stamp that you can just apply (transform/liquify/distort tool help a ton with shaping) so the painting process of the eye is a whole lot faster ^^ These are what I was personally making for myself since I've been wanting to make my eyes look a little less bland!!。*゚+.*.。


The shines look good, but look even better with a 3d effect ;0 sadly there's no 3d effect in apps like procreate or medibang so these pngs are a good fix!


16 Iris brushes are included, 9 of which are eye fibers which work best if you want more customization or want to make your own iris ^^!

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