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Aug 18, 2020
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Richard Vincent Segreto Macaraeg (September 27, 1952 – September 6, 1998) was an American-born Filipino singer recording artist, singer-songwriter, actor, teacher, journalist and historian, who became popular in the Philippines.

Released: 2004 from Vicor Music.
Genre: Pop/Ballad
All 20 Tracks are from Ric Segreto's first two LPs, Ric
Segreto (Self-Titled) and Man Of The Hour.
1982 and 1983 by BLACKGOLD RECORDS


Tracks: @ 320kbps [updated links 2020]
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01. Kahit Konting Pagtingin
02. Don't Know What To Say (Don't Know What To Do)
03. Give Me A Chance
04. Stay
05. Angela
06. Come Back To Me
07. Do Ya, Do Ya Ever, Do Ya?
08. Hold On To My Love
09. Man Of The Hour
10. Since You Said Goodbye
11. Slippin' Away
12. Even Just Once More
13. Touched By The Rainbow
14. I Need You
15. I Thought She Was You
16. All I Wanna Do
17. Nang Dahil Sa Iyo
18. Labis Din Kaya?
19. Dasal
20. Kahit Konting Pagtingin

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