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  1. ImnotFrenzy

    Hi I'm RL a newcomer

    Good day to everyone, You can call me Frenzy username is ImnotFrenzy, meaning of my username? wala lang parang ang astig e. WHAHAH Graduated from a state university, took BS Comsci, currenly working in the IT Security industry. Di ko alam na may alternative pala si symbianize namiss ko din...
  2. Opensource

    Hello. Newbie here

    Hello po. Sana welcome po ako dito. Magshare po ako ng mga apps and mga noload din kung meron ex: globe tm no load..and game booster din. Thank you mga lodi
  3. Hashbiyallah


    Hello po mga Bossing Newbie here thanks to all and Godbless always
  4. agentkiryuu

    A newbie approaching...

    Basic Intro: - Please state your "NAME" followed by your "USERNAME" clearly. - What is the meaning of you username you have chosen? I'm ᒙᑣ also known as agentkiryuu. Kiryuu is from a videogame from Sega called Yakuza. Avid fan of Yakuza games since 2006 👉Simple Personal Background: - Where...
  5. D

    Newcomer from SB since 2009

    Mga lodi newbie po galing SB. pa welcome po tulungan tayo :love:
  6. dorkpeanut

    New comer!

    Hello Ka-Netizion! Name is Mark and my username was derived from something from my childhood online games username walang special just like it to be that way :). Profession was an IT, accidentally look for pinoys forums like Symbianize/Mobilarian then I found this. Looking forward to share and...
  7. S

    Hi po newbie here. God bless all

    Hello po ako po si Jayrrod ang User name ko po ay squeaky. Meaning of it is squeaky_hinge every time I post I make noise it means I'll make sure na makakatulong sa group ang mga post ko Im from Marilao bulacan my province is Eastern Samar. I graduated at New Era University. Nag wowork ngayon sa...
  8. gregjr_11

    Newbie Spotted! 👋

    Hi to all., Ako po si Greg, username of gregjr_11. Working as a government employee sa Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya - Region 2. Na discover ko po ang Netizion nung naghahanap ako ng kapareho ng Mobilarian kc nagclose na yung site nila.. Sana po ay mag upload ng mga Movies, Music at Sofrwares...
  9. ephraimdc

    Newbie bago bagonglipat

    Name Ephraim username ephraimdc from mobilarian/Symbianize
  10. cypher11

    Good day to all

    Good day to all, I am Chris aka cypher11 from symbianize/mobilirian "exochristyle" username. year 2009 po ako member ng symbianize ang thread ko dati doon is giving "MAC Address" at sa PC Application. from mindanao po ako but na lockdown ako sa manila ngayon, may software company po ako mga...
  11. readingLoki

    From Mobilarian - hello

    My name is LJ with readingLoki as my username. I loved reading books and Loki, a mythological god, is one of my favorite. (Prolly the most out of all my favorites) I am currently in metro Manila and I'm unemployed at the moment, heh. I missed lurking in Mobilarian forum, and thankfully I found...
  12. Nitroge14007

    Hi I'm Edward or Nitrogen14007

    Hi I'm EDWARD username NITROGEN14007 Got from Chemical Element with atomic weight- just love this element being less when I'm in the public colourless, tasteless basta may less :D from Misamis Oriental and currently working in a business company. Reason ko sourcing for Softwares, Tutorials...
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