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Tips Info GUIDE: Everything You Need to Know About LTO's Electronic Driver's Licenses

Arthur Leywin

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Oct 22, 2020
𝖱𝖾𝖺𝖼𝗍 𝖲𝖼𝗈𝗋𝖾

It’s official: You can now use your electronic driver’s license (eDL) in the Land Transportation Management Systems (LTMS) portal in lieu of a physical copy as part of the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) broader digitalization efforts.

For this, all you need is your mobile phone with data so you can access your eDL anytime you need it. No, pictures and screenshots of your eDL will not be accepted, according to LTO.

"The eDL is a valid, secure, and an alternative form of authorization for persons operating motor vehicles," LTO Officer-in-Charge Assistant Secretary Hector Villacorta said in a statement. "The eDL will also ensure efficiency in our service."

eDL holders will "have the same privileges and responsibilities accorded to holders of a physical driver’s license" under LTO Memorandum Circular No. HAV-2023-2410. This includes, but are not limited to, rules on traffic violation and imposition of fines and penalties.
LTO’s plastic card shortage for driver’s licenses also paved the way for the fast implementation of the eDL, which was only announced last May. Motorists with a paper license may use the eDL while waiting for the unissued physical cards that are expected to arrive by August or September.

What to know about digital driver’s licenses in the Philippines

Note that only motorists with a valid driver’s license will have an eDL on the LTMS portal. This is automatic and can be Ǻ¢ṪïṼàted with one log in.

How can I access eDL in LTMS?

Register for an account at the LTMS portal.

Log in the account with your email or client ID and password.

Click on the "Digital ID" icon on the homepage.


What can I find in my eDL?

You will find a button to show the frontside and backside of your eDL, which is a digital version of the physical driver’s license you own. At the top of the license should say "Digital ID is Active."

At the right corner is a button for your QR Code. Upon scanning, it will show more of the motorist’s information such as license status, license type, license number, license expiry date, and LTO Client ID. This is how law enforcement officers can verify the authenticity of the eDL.


Do I have to pay to access my eDL?

No fees will be collected to get and access the eDL. However, renewal payments for driver’s licenses will remain as usual.

Just a reminder: You will need mobile data or wifi to access the LTMS portal.

Will a screenshot of my eDL be enough for identification?

According to LTO, pictures and screenshots of the eDL will not be recognized by law enforcement officers. They will also need to see the QR code, fingerprint, and picture of the eDL holder, which can only be seen on the LTMS portal.

Law enforcement officers will scan the bar code on the LTMS portal to verify the eDL.

Can I drive without a physical driver’s license?

With the recent implementation of the eDL, yes.

LTO enforcers and its deputized agents should accept a motorist’s eDL as a valid form of authorization and identification to operate a vehicle on the road if the physical copy is not with them.

Apprehended motorists will only need to present the eDL in the LTMS portal account. Those who fail or refuse to present the eDL will be fined for violation to carry a driver’s license.

Similar to a driver’s license card, apprehended motorists will be issued a Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) or an Electronic Temporary Operator’s Permit (eTOP), which will be valid for 72 hours from the issuance of TOP.

Failure to settle the violation within the prescribed hours will render the TOP invalid, which means the driver will be prohibited from using a vehicle.

Should the eDL holder has an existing or unsettled violation, the eDL holder’s LTMS account will be suspended.
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