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Settling RLM's, Bye for Now.
Staff member
Oct 8, 2020
𝖱𝖾𝖺𝖼𝗍 𝖲𝖼𝗈𝗋𝖾

Lots of tabs for all the metal fans out there! There's a little bit of all the subgeneras here, so everyone should find something they love. I highly recommend Nightwish and Sabaton. Due to the conversion program I used, some songs that have a time signature with 12 as the numerator may be a little off time as the software doesn't read the denominator. If you're going through a song and hit a section like this, just play with the denominator. 6 and 8 tend to be the most common correct denominators.


Aborted - Act of Supremacy
Aborted - Of Scabs & Boils
Aborted - Pestiferous Subterfuge
Accept  - I Don't Wanna Be Like You
Accept - Ahead Of The Pack
Accept - Aiming High
Accept - All Or Nothing
Accept - Amamos La Vida
Accept - Another Second To Be
Accept - Balls to the Wall
Accept - Beat The Bastards
Accept - Bloodbath Mastermind
Accept - Bound To Fail
Accept - Bucket Full Of Hate
Accept - Burning
Accept - China Lady
Accept - Dark Side Of My Heart
Accept - Dogs On Leads
Accept - Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
Accept - Dying Breed
Accept - Fast As A Shark
Accept - Feelings
Accept - Final Journey
Accept - Flash Rockin' Man
Accept - From The Ashes We Rise
Accept - Generation Clash
Accept - Glad To Be Alone
Accept - Guardian Of The Night
Accept - Head Over Heels
Accept - Hellfire
Accept - Hellhammer
Accept - Hung,Drawn And Quartered
Accept - I Wanna Be No Hero
Accept - I'm A Rebel
Accept - Kill the Pain
Accept - Living For Tonite
Accept - London Leatherboys
Accept - Losers And Winners
Accept - Losing More Than You've Ever Had
Accept - Love Child
Accept - Love Sensation
Accept - Metal Heart
Accept - Midnight Highway
Accept - Monsterman
Accept - Neon Nights
Accept - No Shelter
Accept - No Time To Lose
Accept - Pandemic
Accept - Pomp and Circumstance
Accept - Princess Of The Dawn
Accept - Prisoner
Accept - Restless And Wild
Accept - Run If You Can
Accept - Russian Roulette
Accept - Save Us
Accept - Screaming For A Love-Bite
Accept - Seawinds
Accept - Shadow Soldiers
Accept - Shake Your Heads
Accept - Sick,Dirty And Mean
Accept - Slaves To Metal
Accept - Son Of A Bitch
Accept - Stampede
Accept - Stand Tight
Accept - Starlight
Accept - T.V. War
Accept - Take Him In My Heart
Accept - Teutonic Terror
Accept - The Abyss
Accept - The Curse
Accept - The King
Accept - Thunder And Lightning
Accept - Time Machine
Accept - Trail Of Tears
Accept - Up To The Limit
Accept - Walking In The Shadow
Accept - Winter Dreams
Accept - Wrong Is Right
Airbourne - Back In The Game
Airbourne - Blond, Bad, and Beautiful
Airbourne - Diamond in the Rough
Airbourne - Fat City
Airbourne - Girls In Black
Airbourne - No Way But The Hard Way
Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
Airbourne - Stand Up For Rock N' Roll
Airbourne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Airbourne - What's Eatin' You
Alestorm - 1741 (The Battle Of Cartagena)
Alestorm - Back Through Time
Alestorm - Barrett's Privateers
Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight
Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
Alestorm - Death before the Mast
Alestorm - Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
Alestorm - Drink
Alestorm - Flower Of Scotland (The Corries Cover)
Alestorm - Hangover
Alestorm - Heavy Metal pìrâ†és
Alestorm - I Am A Cider Drinker (The Wurz
Alestorm - Keelhauled
Alestorm - Leviathan
Alestorm - Magnetic North
Alestorm - Mead From Hell
Alestorm - Midget Saw
Alestorm - Nancy the Tavern Wench
Alestorm - No Quarter
Alestorm - Over the Seas
Alestorm - pìrâ†é Song
Alestorm - Rum
Alestorm - Scraping The Barrel
Alestorm - Set Sail and Conquer
Alestorm - Shipwrecked
Alestorm - Sunset On The Golden Age
Alestorm - Surf Squid Warfare
Alestorm - Swashbuckled
Alestorm - Terror on the High Seas
Alestorm - The Huntmaster
Alestorm - The Quest
Alestorm - The Sunk'n Norwegian
Alestorm - To the End Of Our Days
Alestorm - Walk The Plank
Alestorm - Wenches and Mead
Alestorm - Wolves of the Sea
Alestorm - Wooden Leg
Alestorm - You are a pìrâ†é
All That Remains - A Song For The Hopeless
All That Remains - Become The Catalyst
All That Remains - Before The Damned
All That Remains - For We Are Many
All That Remains - It Dwells In Me
All That Remains - Not Alone
All That Remains - Six
All That Remains - The Weak Willed
All That Remains - This Calling
All That Remains - This Darkened Heart
All That Remains - Two Weeks
All That Remains - Whispers (I Hear You)
Amaranthe  - Afterlife
Amaranthe - Burn With Me
Amaranthe - Digital World
Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical
Amaranthe - Exhale
Amaranthe - Hunger
Amaranthe - Invincible
Amaranthe - Stardust
Amidst The Grave's Demons - Hey Jarrod, What's That Song Again
Amidst The Grave's Demons - The Swimmer
Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth
Amon Amarth - As loke falls
Amon Amarth - At Dawns First Light
Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle
Amon Amarth - Burning Anvil of Steel
Amon Amarth - Death in fire v2
Amon Amarth - Death In Fire
Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the gods
Amon Amarth - Fate Of Norns
Amon Amarth - First Kill
Amon Amarth - For Victory or Death
Amon Amarth - Guardians of Asgaard
Amon Amarth - Live For The Kill
Amon Amarth - On A Sea Of Blood
Amon Amarth - One Against All
Amon Amarth - One Thousand Burning Arrows
Amon Amarth - Raise Your Horns
Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory
Amon Amarth - Shape Shifter
Amon Amarth - Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags (NDD)
Amon Amarth - The Last with Pagan Blood
Amon Amarth - The Sound of Eight Hooves
Amon Amarth - The Way Of Vikings
Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God (NDD)
Amon Amarth - Valhall Awaits Me
Amon Amarth - Varyags Of Miklagaard
Amon Amarth - Vengeance Is My Name
Amon Amarth - Victorious March
Amon Amarth - Vs the world
Amon Amarth - Where Death Seems to Dwell
Amon Amarth - Where Is Your God
Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side
Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Norsemen
Amorphis - Bad Blood
Amorphis - Black Winter Day
Amorphis - Day of Your Beliefs
Amorphis - Death of a King
Amorphis - Drowned Maid
Amorphis - From The Heaven Of My Heart
Amorphis - House Of Sleep
Amorphis - Majestic Beast
Amorphis - Moon And Sun Part II North's Sun
Amorphis - Sacrifice
Amorphis - Summer's End
Amorphis - Tree of Ages
Anaal Nathrakh - Of Fire, And Fucking Pigs
Andrew W K - Party Hard
Angra  - On Carry
Angra - Acid Rain
Angra - Bleeding Heart
Angra - The Shadow Hunter
Annihilator - 21
Annihilator - Alison Hell
Annihilator - Annihilator
Annihilator - Chicken and Corn
Annihilator - Denied
Annihilator - Don't Bother Me
Annihilator - Fiasco
Annihilator - Set The World On Fire
Annihilator - Snake In The Grass
Annihilator - Stonewall
Annihilator - The Fun Palace
Annihilator - The Trend
Annihilator - Time Bomb
Anthrax - A Skeleton In The Closet
Anthrax - Among the Living
Anthrax - Armed And Dangerous
Anthrax - Bring The Noise
Anthrax - Caught in a Mosh
Anthrax - Deathrider
Anthrax - Got the Time
Anthrax - Hy Pro Glo
Anthrax - I Am the Law
Anthrax - In My World
Anthrax - Indians
Anthrax - Madhouse
Anthrax - Medusa
Anthrax - Nothing
Anthrax - Only
Anthrax - The Devil You Know
Anvil - Metal On Metal
Apocalyptica - I Don't Care
Apocalyptica - I'm not Jesus ft. Corey Taylor
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough
Arch Enemy - Anthem
Arch Enemy - Blood On Your Hands
Arch Enemy - Burning Angel
Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges
Arch Enemy - Bury Me An Angel
Arch Enemy - Carry The Cross
Arch Enemy - Cosmic Retribution
Arch Enemy - Dark Insanity
Arch Enemy - Dead Bury Their Dead
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future
Arch Enemy - End of the Line
Arch Enemy - Enemy Within
Arch Enemy - Eureka
Arch Enemy - Fields Of Desolation
Arch Enemy - Hybrids Of Steel
Arch Enemy - Mechanic God Creation
Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse
Arch Enemy - Nemesis
Arch Enemy - No Gods, No Masters
Arch Enemy - Ravenous
Arch Enemy - Revolution Begins
Arch Enemy - Skeleton Dance
Arch Enemy - Taking Back My Soul
Arch Enemy - The Day You Died
Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre
Arch Enemy - War Eternal
Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
ARCH ENEMY - Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
Arsis - We Are The Nightmare
Artillery - Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.)
Artillery - By Inheritance
Artillery - Don't Believe
As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
As I Lay Dying - Confined
As I Lay Dying - Forsaken
As I Lay Dying - Meaning in Tragedy
As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights
As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth
As I Lay Dying - Through Struggle
As I Lay Dying - Upside Down Kingdom
Asking Alexandria - Break Down The Walls
Asking Alexandria - Breathless
Asking Alexandria - Closure
Asking Alexandria - I Wont Give In
Asking Alexandria - Moving On
Asking Alexandria - Not The American Average
Asking Alexandria - Run Free
Asking Alexandria - Someone Somewhere
Asking Alexandria - The Death of Me
Asking Alexandria - White Line Fever
At The Gates - The Consipracy Of The Blind
Atheist - Mother Man
Atheist - Piece of Time
Atreyu - A Bitter Broken Memory
Atreyu - Becoming the Bull
Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara
Atreyu - Blow
Atreyu - Corseting
Atreyu - Demonology and Heartache
Atreyu - Dilated
Atreyu - Ex's and Oh's
Atreyu - Falling Down
Atreyu - Nevada's Grace
Atreyu - Right Side of the Bed
Atreyu - The Crimson
Atreyu - When Two Are One
Atreyu - You Were The King, Now Youre Unconscious
August Burns Red - Animals
August Burns Red - Beauty In Tragedy
August Burns Red - Carol of the Bells (DD)
August Burns Red - Carpe Diem
August Burns Red - Composure
August Burns Red - Consumer
August Burns Red - Cutting The Ties
August Burns Red - Existence
August Burns Red - Fault Line
August Burns Red - Identity
August Burns Red - Indonesia
August Burns Red - Internal Cannon
August Burns Red - Leveler
August Burns Red - Marianas Trench
August Burns Red - Martyr
August Burns Red - Pangaea
August Burns Red - Poor Millionaire
August Burns Red - Rationalist
August Burns Red - Speech Impediment
August Burns Red - Spirit Breaker
August Burns Red - The Reflective Property
August Burns Red - The Wake
August Burns Red - Too Late For Roses
August Burns Red - Treatment
August Burns Red - Up Against The Ropes
August Burns Red - Your Little Suburbia is in Ruins
Austrian Death Machine - Get To The Choppa
Austrian Death Machine - I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskel
Austrian Death Machine - I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle
Austrian Death Machine - Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies
Austrian Death Machine - You Have Just Been Erased
Avantasia - Anywhere
Avantasia - Avantasia
Avantasia - Carry Me Over
Avantasia - Dying For An Angel
Avantasia - Farewell
Avantasia - Lost In Space
Avantasia - Memory
Avantasia - Sign Of The Cross
Avantasia - The Final Sacrifice
Avantasia - The Scarecrow
Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven
Avenged Sevenfold - Acid Rain
Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife
Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
Avenged Sevenfold - And All Things Will End
Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot
Avenged Sevenfold - Betrayed
Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded In Chains
Avenged Sevenfold - Brompton Cocktail
Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive
Avenged Sevenfold - Burn It Down
Avenged Sevenfold - Carry On
Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four
Avenged Sevenfold - Clairvoyant Disease
Avenged Sevenfold - Coming Home
Avenged Sevenfold - Crimson Day
Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim
Avenged Sevenfold - Crossroads
Avenged Sevenfold - Dancing Dead
Avenged Sevenfold - Danger Line
Avenged Sevenfold - Darkness Surrounding
Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God
Avenged Sevenfold - Desecrate Through Reverence
Avenged Sevenfold - Doing Time
Avenged Sevenfold - Eternal Rest
Avenged Sevenfold - Fiction
Avenged Sevenfold - Girl I Know
Avenged Sevenfold - God Hates Us
Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslinger
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King
Avenged Sevenfold - Heretic
Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight Part 1
Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight Part 2
Avenged Sevenfold - I'm Not Ready To Die
Avenged Sevenfold - Lost It All
Avenged Sevenfold - Lost
Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
Avenged Sevenfold - Planets
Avenged Sevenfold - Radiant Eclipse
Avenged Sevenfold - Remenissions
Avenged Sevenfold - Requiem
Avenged Sevenfold - Scream
Avenged Sevenfold - Second Heartbeat
Avenged Sevenfold - Seize the Day
Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd of Fire
Avenged Sevenfold - Sidewinder
Avenged Sevenfold - Strength of the World
Avenged Sevenfold - The Wicked End
Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War
Avenged Sevenfold - To End the Rapture
Avenged Sevenfold - Tonight the World Dies
Avenged Sevenfold - Trashed and Scattered
Avenged Sevenfold - Unbound (The Wild Ride)
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions
Avenged Sevenfold - Victim
Ayreon - Age of Shadows
Ayreon - Amazing Flight
Ayreon - Beneath The Waves
Ayreon - Carried By The Wind
Ayreon - Chaos
Ayreon - Day Eighteen Realization
Ayreon - Day Eleven Love
Ayreon - Day Nine Playground
Ayreon - Day Nineteen Disclosure
Ayreon - Day One - VigilDay Two - Isolation
Ayreon - Day Three Pain
Ayreon - Into the Black Hole
Ayreon - Out of the White Hole
Ayreon - The New Migrator
Ayreon - The Sixth Extinction
BABYMETAL - Akatsuki
BABYMETAL - Catch Me If You Can
BABYMETAL - Doki Doki Morning
BABYMETAL - Gimme Chocolate!!
BABYMETAL - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
BABYMETAL - Ijime, Dame, Zettai
BABYMETAL - Kimi To Anime Ga Mitai
BABYMETAL - Megitsune
BABYMETAL - Onedari Daisakusen
BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance
BABYMETAL - Tales of The Destinies
BABYMETAL - Uki Uki Midnight
Bathory  - Total Destruction
Bathory - 13 Candles
Bathory - Born for Burning
Bathory - Call from the Grave
Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds
Bathory - Equimanthorn
Bathory - Flash Of The Silverhammer
Bathory - For All Those Who Died
Bathory - Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain
Bathory - Hades
Bathory - Home of Once Brave
Bathory - In Nomine Satanas
Bathory - Lake Of Fire
Bathory - Raise The Dead
Bathory - Reaper
Bathory - Sea Wolf
Bathory - The Woodwoman
Bathory - Valhalla
Bathory - Woman of Dark Desires
Battle beast - Out of control
Battle Beast - Touch in the Night
Bedowyn - Snarling of Beasts
Before The Dawn - Deathstar
Before The Dawn - Dying Sun
Before The Dawn - Unbreakable
Be'lakor - Abeyance
Benighted - Blindfolded Centuries
Benighted - Forsaken
Benighted - Grind Wit
Benighted - Human Circles
Benighted - Icon
Benighted - Invoxhate
Benighted - Pledge Of Retaliation
Benighted - Saw It All
Benighted - Slut
Benighted - Smile Then Bleed
Benighted - The Underneath
Betontod - Glück Auf
Betontod - Hömmasammawommanomma
Beyond Creation - Chromatic Horizon
Beyond Creation - Elevation Path
Beyond Creation - Omnipresent Perception
Billy Talent - Devil in a Midnight Mass
Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves
Billy Talent - Red Flag
Billy Talent - Saint Veronika
Billy Talent - Try Honesty
Billy Talent - Viking Death March
Black Label Society - Stillborn
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead
Black Sabbath - Ironman
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - The Sign Of The Southern Cross
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Blackmore's Night - Beyond The Sunset
Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret
Blind Guardian - A Voice In The Dark
Blind Guardian - And the Story Ends
Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence
Blind Guardian - Another Holy War
Blind Guardian - Ashes to Ashes
Blind Guardian - Battlefield
Blind Guardian - Control The Divine
Blind Guardian - Fly
Blind Guardian - I'm Alive
Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side
Blind Guardian - Into The Storm
Blind Guardian - Lionheart
Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror
Blind Guardian - Mirror, Mirror
Blind Guardian - Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
Blind Guardian - Otherland
Blind Guardian - Precious Jerusalem
Blind Guardian - Ride Into Obsession
Blind Guardian - Road Of No Release
Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
Blind Guardian - Straight Through The Mirror
Blind Guardian - Tanelorn (Into The Void)
Blind Guardian - The Curse of Feanor
Blind Guardian - The Edge
Blind Guardian - The Holy Grail
Blind Guardian - The Ninth Wave
Blind Guardian - The Script for My Requiem
Blind Guardian - The Soulforged
Blind Guardian - Theatre of Pain
Blind Guardian - This Will Never End
Blind Guardian - Thorn
Blind Guardian - Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
Blind Guardian - Wheel Of Time
Blind Guardian - When Sorrow Sang
Bloodbath - Brave New Hell
Bloodbath - Eaten
Bloodbath - Like Fire
Bloodbath - Outnumbering The Day
Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead
Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary
Bloodhound Gang - Farting With The Walkman On
Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn
Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Bloodhound Gang - Hell Yeah
Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
Bloodhound Gang - I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
Bloodhound Gang - Pennsylvania
Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum
Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain
Bloodhound Gang - Three Point One Four
Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Blotted Science - Adenosine Breakdown
Blotted Science - Adenosine Buildup
Blotted Science - Amnesia
Blotted Science - E.E.G. Tracings
Blotted Science - R.E.M.
Blotted Science - Synaptic Plasticity
Bolt Thrower - ..For Victory
Buckethead - Electronic Slight of Hand
Buckethead - Exit 209
Buckethead - Final Wars
Buckethead - Lebrontron
Buckethead - Star Wars
Buckethead - Star Wars
Buckethead - Welcome to Bucketheadland
Bullet For My Valentine - Alone
Bullet for My Valentine - Hand of Blood
Bullet for My Valentine - Hearts Burst into Fire
Bullet for My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire
Bullet for My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall
Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon
Bullet for My Valentine - Your Betrayal
Burzum - Black Spell of Destruction
Burzum - Ea, Lord Of The Deeps
Burzum - Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments
Burzum - Lost Wisdom
Burzum - War
Cacophony - Speed metal symphony
Cannibal Corpse - A Skeletal Domain
Cannibal Corpse - Bloodlands
Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague
Cannibal Corpse - Festering in the Crypt
Cannibal Corpse - Frantic Disembowelment
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Cannibal Corpse - High Velocity Impact Spatter
Cannibal Corpse - I Cum Blood
Cannibal Corpse - Icepick Lobotomy
Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer
Cannibal Corpse - Scalding Hail
Cannibal Corpse - Scourge Of Iron
Cannibal Corpse - Shredded Humans
Cannibal Corpse - The Discipline Of Revenge
Cannibal Corpse - The Strangulation Chair
Carcass - Carnal Forge
Carcass - Heartwork
Carcass - Keep on rotting in the free world
Carcass - No Love Lost
Carcass - Pedigree Butchery
Catamenia - Alive Cold Dead
Catamenia - Blood Trails
Catamenia - Cavalcade
Catamenia - Coldbound
Catamenia - Garden of Throns
Catamenia - Hollow Out - Chaosborn
Catamenia - Kuolon Tanssi
Catamenia - Silence
Catamenia - The path that lies behind me
Catamenia - Tribe of eternity
Catamenia - Tuhat Vuotta
Cattle Decapitation - Regret And The Grave
Celtic Frost                   - Return To The Eve            
Certain Death - Blood on the Ice
Certain Death - Ember Legion
Certain Death - Frozen on Fire
Certain Death - Permaflame
Certain Death - The Riveters
Certain Death - Volcanic Inferno
Charon - As We Die
Charon - Little Angel
Children Of Bodom - Angels Dont Kill
Children of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill
Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet
Children Of Bodom - Banned From Heaven
Children of Bodom - Bastards of Bodom
Children of Bodom - Bed of Razors
Children of Bodom - Black Widow
Children Of Bodom - BloodDrunk
Children Of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight
Children of Bodom - Bodom Beach Terror
Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom
Children Of Bodom - Children Of Decadence
Children of Bodom - Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded)
Children Of Bodom - Crazy Nights
Children Of Bodom - Dead Mans Hand On You
Children Of Bodom - Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
Children of Bodom - Downfall
Children of Bodom - Everytime I Die
Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder
Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos
Children Of Bodom - If You Want Peace Prepare For War
Children of Bodom - Kissing The Shadows
Children of Bodom - Lake Bodom
Children Of Bodom - Living Dead Beat
Children Of Bodom - Mask Of Sanity
Children Of Bodom - Morrigan
Children Of Bodom - Needled 247
Children of Bodom - Northern Comfort
Children Of Bodom - One Bottle And A Knee Deep
Children Of Bodom - One Day You Will Cry
Children Of Bodom - Roundtrip to Hell and Back
Children Of Bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night
Children Of Bodom - Sixpounder
Children Of Bodom - Towards Dead End
Children of Bodom - Triple Corpse Hammerblow
Children of Bodom - Wrath Within
Coheed & Cambria - 33
Coheed & Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic
Coheed & Cambria - Dark Side of Me
Coheed & Cambria - Delirium Trigger
Coheed & Cambria - Faint Of Hearts
Coheed & Cambria - Far
Coheed & Cambria - Key Entity Extraction I Domino the Destitute
Coheed & Cambria - Key Entity Extraction III Vic the Butcher
Coheed & Cambria - Pearl of the Stars
Coheed & Cambria - Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)
Coheed & Cambria - The Crowing
Coheed & Cambria - The Suffering
Coheed & Cambria - The Willing Well IV The Final Cut
Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home
Coheed And Cambria - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
Coheed And Cambria - God Send Conspirator
Collective Sou - Counting The Days
Collective Soul - December
Collective Soul - Gel
Collective Soul - Heavy
Collective Soul - Shine
Collective Soul - The World I Know
Collective Soul - Wheretheriverflows
Colony - Embody The Invisible
Coroner - Arc-Lite
Coroner - Masked Jackal
Coroner - Nosferatu
Coroner - Reborn Through Hate
Coroner - Shadow of a Lost Dream
Coroner - Son of Lilith
Coroner - Status Still Thinking
Cradle of Filth - Beauty Slept in Sodom
Cradle Of Filth - Cemetery And Sundown
Cradle of Filth - Darkness Our Bride (Jugular Wedding)  The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle of Filth - Death of Love
Cradle Of Filth - Devil Woman
Cradle Of Filth - Dirge Inferno
Cradle of Filth - English Fire
Cradle of Filth - Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)
Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog
Cradle Of Filth - I Am The Thorn
Cradle Of Filth - Libertina Grimm
Cradle of Filth - Lilith Immaculate
Cradle Of Filth - Lovesick For Mina
Cradle Of Filth - Rise Of The Pentagram
Cradle of Filth - The 13th Caesar
Cradle Of Filth - The Byronic Man
Cradle Of Filth - The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking
Cradle of Filth - The Persecution Song
Cradle Of Filth - Tonight In Flames
Cradle Of Filth - Under Huntress Moon
Crobot - Fly on the Wall
Crobot - Legend of the Spaceborne Killer
Crobot - Nowhere to Hide
Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper
Cynic - Integral Birth
Cynic - King of Those Who Know
Cynic - Veil of Maya
Dark Moor - Dies Irae
Dark Tranquility - Cathode Ray Sunshine
Dark Tranquility - Ex Nihilo
Dark Tranquillity - Alone
Dark Tranquillity - Crimson Winds
Dark Tranquillity - Her Silent Language
Dark Tranquillity - Lethe
Dark tranquillity - Monochromatic stains
Dark Tranquillity - Of Melancholy Burning
Dark Tranquillity - Single Part Of Two
Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane And The Magic
Dead by Sunrise - Crawl Back In
Dead by Sunrise - Inside Of Me
Dead by Sunrise - My Suffering
Deadlock - End Begins
Deadlock - We Shall All Bleed
Death - 1,000 Eyes
Death - A Moment Of Clarity
Death - Bite The Pain
Death - Crystal Mountain
Death - Destiny
Death - Empty Words
Death - Flattening of Emotions
Death - Flesh And The Power It Holds
Death - Keep On Knocking
Death - Killing Spree
Death - Lack Of Comprehension
Death - Leprosy
Death - Living Monstrosity
Death - Misanthrope
Death - Nothing Is Everything
Death - Overactive Imagination
Death - Perennial Quest
Death - Pull The Plug
Death - Scavenger of Human Sorrow
Death - Secret Face
Death - Spirit Crusher
Death - Spiritual Healing
Death - Story To Tell
Death - Suicide Machine
Death - Symbolic
Death - The Philosopher
Death - To Forgive Is To Suffer
Death - Trapped in a Corner
Death - Voice Of The Soul
Death - Without Judgement
Death - Zero Tolerance
Death Angel - Don't Save Me
Death Angel - Land of Blood
Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood
Death Angel - Veil of Deception
Death From Above 1979 - Cheap Talk
Death From Above 1979 - Dead Womb
Death from Above 1979 - Little Girl
Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979
Deathspell Omega - Abscission
Deathspell Omega - Jubilate Deo O Be Joyful In The Lord
Deathstars - Blitzkrieg
Deathstars - Blood Stain Blondes
Deathstars - Death Dies Hard
Deathstars - Our God The dŕꭎǥs
Deathstars - The Fuel Ignites
Deathstars - The Greatest Fight on Earth
Deathstars - The Last Ammunition
Deathstars - Virtue To Vice
Decapitated - Homo Sum
Decapitated - Post () Organic
Decapitated - Spheres of Madness
Decapitated - Symmetry of Zero
Demilich - Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity
Demons & Wizards - Crimson King
Demons & Wizards - My Last Sunrise
Demons & Wizards - The Gunslinger
Depresszió - Éjszaka, Egyedül
Depresszió - Itt Az Én Idom
Depresszió - Lásd
Depresszió - Legyen A Föld
Depresszió - Nem akarok elszakadni
Depresszió - Te Vagy A Szerem
Destruction - Bestial Invasion
Dethklok - Awaken
Dethklok - Black Fire Upon Us
Dethklok - Blazing Star
Dethklok - Bloodlines
Dethklok - Bloodrocuted
Dethklok - Burn The Earth
Dethklok - Castratikron
Dethklok - Dethsupport
Dethklok - Deththeme
Dethklok - Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Dethklok - Face Fisted
DethkloK - Fansong
Dethklok - Ghostqueen
Dethklok - Go Into the Water
DethKlok - Laser Cannon Death Sentence
Dethklok - Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
Dethklok - Laser Canon Deth Sentence
Dethklok - Murmaider
Dethklok - Symmetry
DethkloK - The Fans are Chatting
Dethklok - The Galaxy
Dethklok - Thunderhorse
DevilDriver - Clouds Over California
DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day
DevilDriver - I've Been Sober
DevilDriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost
DevilDriver - Pray for Villains
DevilDriver - Pure Sincerity
DevilDriver - Ruthless
Devildriver - Sail
DevilDriver - Swinging The Dead
DevilDriver - These Fighting Words
DevilDriver - Unlucky 13
Diablo - Symbol of Eternity
Dimmu Borgir - Kings Of Carnival Creation
Dimmu Borgir - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
Dimmu Borgir - Puritania
Dio - Holy Diver
Dio - Rainbow in the Dark
Disclaimer II - Your Bore
Disillusion - ...and the Mirror *****ed
Disturbed  - The Night
Disturbed - Another Way To Die
Disturbed - Asylum
Disturbed - Down with the Sickness
Disturbed - Inside the Fire
Disturbed - Prayer
Disturbed - Stricken
Disturbed - Voices
Dokken - Into the Fire
Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)
Doom_VS - Earthless
Dragonforce - Black Fire
Dragonforce - Black Winter Night
Dragonforce - Cry For Eternity
DragonForce - Cry Thunder
Dragonforce - Evening Star
DragonForce - Fury Of The Storm
Dragonforce - Heart Of A Dragon
Dragonforce - Heroes Of Our Time
Dragonforce - Operation Ground And Pound
Dragonforce - Revolution Deathsquad
Dragonforce - Season
Dragonforce - Soldiers of the Wasteland
DragonForce - Storming The Burning Fields
DragonForce - The Last Journey Home
DragonForce - Three Hammers
DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames
Dream Death - Dream Death
Dream Evil - Children Of The Night
Dream Evil - Fire! Battle! In Metal!
Dream Evil - Heavy Metal in the Night
Dream Evil - In Flames You Burn
Dream Evil - Into The Moonlight
Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal
Dream Evil - The Chosen Ones
Dying Fetus - Kill Your Mother & Rape Your Dog
Dying Fetus - Your Treachery Will Die With You
Eagles of Death Metal - I Got Feeling
Eagles of Death Metal - Wannabe in L.A.
Edge Of Sanity - Sacrificed
Edge Of Sanity - The Forbidden Words
Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis
ELUVEITIE - A Rose For Epona
Eluveitie - Andro
Eluveitie - Blood Stained Ground
Eluveitie - Elembivos
Eluveitie - Everything Remains As It Never Was
Eluveitie - Gray Sublime Archon
Eluveitie - Home
Eluveitie - Inis Mona
Eluveitie - Isara
Eluveitie - Luxtos
ELUVEITIE - Meet The Enemy
Eluveitie - Prologue & Helvetios
ELUVEITIE - Quoth The Raven
Eluveitie - Slania's Song
ELUVEITIE - The Call Of The Mountains
Eluveitie - The Siege
Eluveitie - Thousandfold
Elvenking - The Scythe
Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards
Ensiferum - Lai Lai Hei
Ensiferum - Little Dreamer
Ensiferum - Old Man
Ensiferum - One More Magic Potion
Ensiferum - Token Of Time
Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods
Ensiferum - Victory Song
Ensiferum - Wanderer
Entombed - Left Hand Path
Entombed - Out of hand
Entombed - Supposed to Rot
Entombed - Wolverine Blues
Epica - Beyond Belief
Epica - Blank Infinity
Epica - Burn to a Cinder
Epica - Chasing The Dragon
Epica - Consign To Oblivion
Epica - Cry for the Moon
Epica - Dance Of Fate
Epica - Death Of A Dream
Epica - Deter the Tyrant
Epica - Facade of Reality
Epica - Feint
Epica - Force Of The Shore
Epica - Illusive Consensus
Epica - Kingdom of Heaven
Epica - Living A Lie
Epica - Mother Of Light
Epica - Natural Corruption
Epica - Never Enough
Epica - Omen (The Ghoulish Malady)
Epica - Our Destiny
Epica - Quietus
Epica - Run for a Fall
Epica - Sancta Terra
Epica - Seif Al Din
Epica - Semblance of Liberty
Epica - Sensorium
Epica - StormTheSorrow
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
Epica - The Last Crusade
Epica - The Phantom Agony
Epica - The Second Stone
Exhorder - Slaughter in The Vatican
Exodus - Blacklist
Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Exodus - I Am Abomination
Exodus - Impaler
Exodus - Karma's Messenger
Exodus - Piranha
Exodus - Salt The Wound
Exodus - Toxic Waltz
Fates Warning - I Am
Fates Warning - Monument
Fear Factory - Archetype
Fear Factory - Cars (Bonus Track)
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Fear Factory - Self Bias Resistor
Fear Factory - Shock
Feeder - Just A Day
Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Firewind - Breaking The Silence feat. Tara Teresa
Firewind - Into The Fire
Firewind - Kill To Live
Firewind - Mercenary Man
Firewind - The Fire And The Fury
Firewind - World On Fire
Five - Keep On Movin
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company
Five Finger Death Punch - Battle Born
Five Finger Death Punch - Bulletproof
Five Finger Death Punch - Canto
Five Finger Death Punch - Dying Breed
Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home
Five Finger Death Punch - Hard To See
Five Finger Death Punch - Hate Me (Succubus Demo)
Five Finger Death Punch - Hell To Pay
Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll And Hyde
Five Finger Death Punch - Lift Me Up
Five Finger Death Punch - Meet The Monster
Five Finger Death Punch - My Own Hell
Five Finger Death Punch - No-One Gets Left Behind
Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything
Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding
Five Finger Death Punch - Under and Over It
Five Finger Death Punch - Walk Away
Five Finger Death Punch - White Knuckles
Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
Funeral For A Friend - Vultures
Funeral For A Friend - Waterfront Danceclub
Galneryus - Destiny
Galneryus - New Legend
Galneryus - Raise My Sword
Gama Bomb - Final Fight
Gama Bomb - Global Warming
Gama Bomb - Mussolini Mosh
Gama Bomb - Slam Anthem
Gama Bomb - Thrashaholic
Gama Bomb - Zombie Blood Nightmare
Gamma Ray - Empress
Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free
Gamma Ray - My Temple
Gamma Ray - Rebellion In Dreamland
Ghost - Depth Of Satan's Eyes
Ghost - From the Pinnacle to The Pit
Ghost - GhulehZombie Queen
Ghost - Satan Prayer
Gil Scott-Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Gil Scott-Heron - Save The Children
Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Gloryhammer - Angus McFife
Gloryhammer - Apocalypse 1992
Gloryhammer - Beneath Cowdenbeath
Gloryhammer - Magic Dragon
Gloryhammer - Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Gloryhammer - The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee
Gloryhammer - Universe on Fire
Gojira - A Sight To Behold
Gojira - Flying Whales
Gojira - Satan Is A Lawyer
Gojira - Space Time
Gojira - The Link
Gojira - The Way of All Flesh
Golden Bomber - Death Mental
Golden Bomber - Earphone
Golden Bomber - Memeshikute
Grave - Soulless
Graveyard - Buying Truth (Tack & Forlat)
Graveyard - No Good, Mr. Holden
Graveyard - Right is Wrong
Graveyard - The Siren
Graveyard - Thin Line
Haken - Celestial Elixir
Haken - Cockroach King
Haken - Crystallised
Haken - Falling Back to Earth
Haken - Nocturnal Conspiracy
Haken - Pareidolia
Haken - Portals
Haken - Premonition
Haken - Shapeshifter
Haken - The Architect
Haken - Visions
Hammerfall - A Legend Reborn
Hammerfall - Any Means Necessary
Hammerfall - At The End Of The Rainbow
Hammerfall - Back To Back
Hammerfall - Blood Bound
Hammerfall - Bushido
Hammerfall - Hammer Of Justice
Hammerfall - Hearts On Fire
Hammerfall - Heeding The Call
Hammerfall - Imperial
HammerFall - Last Man Standing
Hammerfall - Legion
Hammerfall - Let The Hammer Fall
Hammerfall - Natural High
Hammerfall - Patient Zero
HammerFall - Remember Yesterday
Hammerfall - Renegade
Hammerfall - Riders Of The Storm
Hammerfall - Steel Meets Steel
Hammerfall - Stone Cold
HammerFall - Stronger Than All
Hammerfall - Templars Of Steel
HammerFall - The Dragon Lies Bleeding
Hammerfall - The Templar Flame
Hammerfall - The Unforgiving Blade
Heathen - Hypnotized
Heaven Shall Burn - Black Tears
Heaven Shall Burn - Endzeit
Heaven Shall Burn - Hunters Will Be Hunted
Heaven Shall Burn - Sevastopol
Heaven Shall Burn - Voice Of The Voiceless
Heavy Lord - Baphomets March
Helloween - Are You Metal
Helloween - Dr. Stein
Helloween - Eagle Fly Free
Helloween - Electric Eye
Helloween - Forever And One (Neverland)
Helloween - Future World
Helloween - Halloween
Helloween - I Want Out
Helloween - If I Could Fly
Helloween - Judas
Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys
Helloween - Kings Will Be Kings
Helloween - Lavdate Dominvm
Helloween - March of Time
Helloween - Metal Invaders
Helloween - Midnight Sun
Helloween - Murderer
Helloween - Nabataea
Helloween - Phantoms Of Death
Helloween - Power
Helloween - Revelation
Helloween - Ride The Sky
Helloween - Starlight
Helloween - The Bells of the 7 Hells
Helloween - The Dark Ride
Helloween - The Time Of The Oath
Helloween - Time
Helloween - Victim of Fate
Helloween - Wake Up the Mountain
Helloween - We Burn
Helloween - We Got the Right
Helloween - Where the Rain Grows
HeXeN - Blast Radius
HeXeN - Mutiny And Betrayal
HeXeN - Past Life
HeXeN - State Of Insurgency
Iced Earth - 1776
Iced Earth - A Question of Heaven
Iced Earth - Angels Holocaust
Iced Earth - Behold The Wicked Child
Iced Earth - Burning Times
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings
Iced Earth - Come What May
Iced Earth - Damien
Iced Earth - Dante's Inferno
Iced Earth - Dark Saga
Iced Earth - Diary
Iced Earth - Dragon's Child
Iced Earth - Dystopia
Iced Earth - Frankenstein
Iced Earth - Ghost of Freedom
Iced Earth - High Water Mark
Iced Earth - Hold At All Costs
Iced Earth - I Died For You
Iced Earth - I Walk Alone
Iced Earth - Jack
Iced Earth - Last December
Iced Earth - Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
Iced Earth - My Own Savior
Iced Earth - Plagues of Babylon
Iced Earth - Prophecy
Iced Earth - Pure Evil
Iced Earth - Shooting Star
Iced Earth - Stormrider
Iced Earth - The Coming Curse (Full Song)
Iced Earth - The Devil To Pay
Iced Earth - The Hunter
Iced Earth - The Last Laugh
Iced Earth - The Phantom Opera Ghost
Iced Earth - Transylvania
Iced Earth - Travel In Stygian
Iced Earth - Violate
Iced Earth - Watching Over Me
Iced Earth - Waterloo
Iced Earth - Wolf
In Flames - A New Dawn
In Flames - Alias
In Flames - All For Me
In Flames - Artifacts of the Black Rain
In Flames - Behind Space '99
In Flames - Black And White
In Flames - Bullet Ride
In Flames - Clad In Shadows
In Flames - Cloud Connected
In Flames - Colony
In Flames - Come Clarity
In Flames - Crawl Through Knives
In Flames - Darker Times
In Flames - Dead Alone
In Flames - Dead End
In Flames - Dead Eternity
In Flames - Deliver Us
In Flames - Dial 595 - Escape
In Flames - Dialogue With The Stars
In Flames - Dreamscape
In Flames - Egonomic
In Flames - Enter Tragedy
In Flames - Episode 666
In Flames - Everdying
In Flames - Everlost (Part I)
In Flames - Evil in a Closet
In Flames - Fear Is The Weakness
In Flames - Free Fall
In Flames - Goliaths Disarm Their Davids
In Flames - I'm The Highway
In Flames - Jester's Door
In Flames - Jotun
In Flames - Land Of Confusion
In Flames - Leeches
In Flames - Liberation
In Flames - Lunar Strain
In Flames - Man Made God
In Flames - Moonshield
In Flames - My Sweet Shadow
In Flames - Only For The Weak
In Flames - Ordinary Story
In Flames - Our Infinite Struggle
In Flames - Pacing Deaths Trail
In Flames - Pallar Anders Visa
In Flames - Paralyzed
In Flames - Pinball Map
In Flames - Reflect The Storm
In Flames - Reroute to Remain
In Flames - Rusted Nail
In Flames - Satellites And Astronauts
In Flames - Scream
In Flames - Sounds of a Playground Fading
In Flames - Stand Ablaze
In Flames - Starforsaken
In Flames - Subterranean
In Flames - Superhero Of The Computer Rage
In Flames - Swim
In Flames - Take This Life
In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist
In Flames - The Jester Race
In Flames - The Jester's Dance
In Flames - The Mirror's Truth
In Flames - The Puzzle
In Flames - The Quiet Place
In Flames - Through Oblivion
In Flames - Timeless
In Flames - Trigger
In Flames - Upon An Oaken Throne
In Flames - Vacuum
In Flames - Vanishing Light
In Flames - Versus Terminus
In Flames - When the World Explodes
In Flames - Where the Dead Ships Dwell
In Flames - Whoracle
In Flames - Zombie Inc.
In Mourning - Colossus
In This Moment - Whore
Insomnium - Against The Stream
Insomnium - Black Heart Rebellion
Insomnium - Black Waters
Insomnium - Collapsing Words
Insomnium - Down With The Sun
Insomnium - Drawn to Black
Insomnium - Dying Chant
Insomnium - Ephemeral
Insomnium - In the Groves of Death
Insomnium - Lose To Night
Insomnium - Mortal Share
Insomnium - One for Sorrow
Insomnium - Revelations
Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun
Insomnium - The Killjoy
Insomnium - The New Beginning
Insomnium - The Promethean Song
Insomnium - The River
Insomnium - Through The Shadows
Insomnium - Unsung
Insomnium - Weather the Storm
Insomnium - While We Sleep
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Iron Maiden - Aces High
Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Iron Maiden - Be Quick or Be Dead
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land
Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
Judas Priest - Living After Midnight
Judas Priest - Night Crawler
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Free-Judas Priest
Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Jungle Rot - Another Fix
Jungle Rot - Circle Of Death
Jungle Rot - Humans Shall Pay
Jungle Rot - Strangulation Mutilation
Jungle Rot - Virus
Jungle Rot - Worst Case Scenario
Kalmah - 12 Gauge
Kalmah - The Black Waltz
Kamelot - Across the Highlands
Kamelot - Center Of The Universe
Kamelot - Elizabeth
Kamelot - Forever
Kamelot - Karma
Kamelot - March Of Mephisto
Kamelot - Moonlight
Kamelot - Nothing Ever Dies
Kamelot - Rule The World
Kamelot - Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
Kamelot - The Black Halo
Kamelot - The Edge Of Paradise
Kamelot - The Haunting
Kamelot - The Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
Kamelot - The Spell
Kamelot - Wings of Despair
Karawan - Desolate Motion
KAT - Glos Z Ciemnosci
Kat - Lza Dla Cieniow Minionych
Kataklysm - As Death Lingers
Kataklysm - As I Slither
Kataklysm - Blood In Heaven
Kataklysm - Breathe To Dominate
Kataklysm - Crippled & Broken
Kataklysm - Determined (Vows of Vengeance)
Kataklysm - Elevate
Kataklysm - Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
Kataklysm - Open Scars
Kataklysm - Serenity In Fire
Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm
Kataklysm - The Ambassador Of Pain
Kataklysm - The Black Sheep
Kataklysm - The Road To Devastation
Kataklysm - To Reign Again
Katatonia - Cold Ways
Katatonia - I Break
Katatonia - In The White
Katatonia - Inside The Fall
Katatonia - July
Katatonia - Murder
Katatonia - Nowhere
Katatonia - Relention
Katatonia - Teargas
Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver
Killswitch Engage - My Curse
Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache
Knorkator - All That She Wants
Korn                           - Got the Life                
Korn - Coming Undone
Korn - Did My Time
Korn - Evolution
Korn - Freak on a Leash
Korn - Get Up!
Korn - Hater
Korn - It's On!
Korn - Make Me Bad
Korn - Prey For Me
Korn - Right Now
korn - sean olson
Korn - Thoughtless
Korn - Twisted Transistor
Korn - Y'all Want A Single
Korpiklaani - Beer, Beer
Korpiklaani - Before The Morning Sun
Korpiklaani - Bring Us Pints of Beer
Korpiklaani - Crows Bring the Spring
Korpiklaani - Ievan  Polkka
Korpiklaani - Let's Drink
Korpiklaani - Tuoppi oltta
Ko?n - A.D.I.D.A.S
Ko?n - Beat It Upright
Ko?n - Blind
Ko?n - Here to Stay
Ko?n - Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
Ko?n - Shoots and Ladders
Kreator - Agents of Brutality
Kreator - Betrayer
Kreator - Black Sunrise
Kreator - Carrion
Kreator - Coma of Souls
Kreator - Death Is Your Saviour
Kreator - Death To The World
Kreator - Destroy What Destroys You
Kreator - Dystopia
Kreator - Enemy Of God
Kreator - Extreme Aggression
Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos
Kreator - People of The Lie
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Kreator - Phobia
Kreator - Storm of the Beast
Kreator - Suicide Terrorist
Kreator - Terror Zone
Kreator - War Curse
Kreator - When the Sun Burns Red
Kvelertak - Bloodtorst
Kvelertak - Mjod
Kyo - Derniere Danse
Kyuss - 50 Million Year Trip
Kyuss - Demon Cleaner
Kyuss - One Inch Man
L7 - Wargasm
Lacuna Coil - Angel's Punishment
Lacuna Coil - Circle
Lacuna Coil - Closer
Lacuna Coil - Cold
Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence
Lacuna Coil - Falling Again
Lacuna Coil - Intoxicated
Lacuna Coil - My Wings
Lacuna Coil - Our Truth
Lacuna Coil - Spellbound
Lacuna Coil - Swamped
Lacuna Coil - To Myself I Turned
Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness
Lacuna Coil - Zombies
Lamb of God - Ghost Walking
Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
Lamb of God - Omerta
Lamb of God - Redneck
Lamb of God - Walk With Me In Hell
Legion Of The Damned - Pray & suffer
Lordi - Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
Lordi - Devil Is A Loser
Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
Lordi - Icon of Dominance
Lordi - They Only Come Out At Night
Lordi - This Is Heavy Metal
Lordi - Who's Your Daddy
Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman
Lostprophets - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
Luca Turilli - Black Dragon
Make Them Suffer - Widower
Manowar                        - Pleasure Slave              
Manowar - Battle Hymns
Manowar - Defender
Manowar - Die For Metal
Manowar - Heart Of Steel
Manowar - King of Metal
Manowar - Loki God of Fire
Manowar - Return of the warlord
Manowar - Sons of Odin
Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Manowar - Warriors Of The World United
Marilyn Manson - A Place In The Dirt
Marilyn Manson - Angel with the scabbed wings
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson - Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon
Marilyn Manson - Born Again
Marilyn Manson - Born Villain
Marilyn Manson - Children of Cain
Marilyn Manson - Coma Black
Marilyn Manson - Great Big White World
Marilyn Manson - I Put A Spell On You
Marilyn Manson - In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
Marilyn Manson - Lamb Of God
Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road out of Hell
Marilyn Manson - mObscene
Marilyn Manson - Pretty As A Swastika
Marilyn Manson - Putting Holes In Happiness
Marilyn Manson - Rock is Dead
Marilyn Manson - Running To The Edge Of The World
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson - The Death Song
Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show
Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies
Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit
Mastodon - Black Tongue
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder
Mastodon - Colony of Birchmen
Mastodon - Divinations
Mastodon - Iron Tusk
Mastodon - Oblivion
Mastodon - Sleeping Giant
Mayhem - Deathcrush
Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Megadeth                       - She-Wolf                    
Megadeth - 13
Megadeth - 44 Minutes
Megadeth - 99 Ways To Die
Megadeth - A Tout le Monde
Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos
Megadeth - Angry Again
Megadeth - Architecture of Aggression
Megadeth - Ashes in Your Mouth
Megadeth - Back in the Day
Megadeth - Bad Omen
Megadeth - Black Curtains
Megadeth - Blackmail The Universe
Megadeth - Blood Of Heroes
Megadeth - Bodies
Megadeth - Breadline
Megadeth - Bullet To The Brain
Megadeth - Burnt Ice
Megadeth - Captive Honour
Megadeth - Chosen Ones
Megadeth - Conquer Or Die
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth - Dance In The Rain
Megadeth - Dawn Patrol
Megadeth - Devil's Island
Megadeth - Diadems
Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos
Megadeth - Disconnect
Megadeth - Dread and the Fugitive Mind
Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme
Megadeth - Dystopia
Megadeth - Elysian Fields
Megadeth - Endgame
Megadeth - Family Tree
Megadeth - Fatal Illusion
Megadeth - Five Magics
Megadeth - Foreclosure of a Dream
Megadeth - Foreign Policy
Megadeth - Forget To Remember
Megadeth - Good Mourning  Black Friday
Megadeth - Hangar 18
Megadeth - Head Crusher
Megadeth - High Speed Dirt
Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Megadeth - Hook In Mouth
Megadeth - I Thought I Knew It All
Megadeth - I'll Get Even
Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
Megadeth - Into the Lungs of Hell
Megadeth - Kill The King
Megadeth - Killing Is My Business ...And Business Is Good!
Megadeth - Kingmaker
Megadeth - Last Dying Wish
Megadeth - Last RitesLoved To Deth
Megadeth - Look Who's Talking
Megadeth - Looking Down The Cross
Megadeth - Lucretia
Megadeth - Lying In State
Megadeth - Mary Jane
Megadeth - Mechanix
Megadeth - Melt The Ice Away
Megadeth - My Last Words
Megadeth - Off the Edge
Megadeth - Out On The Tiles
Megadeth - Paranoid
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Megadeth - Poison Was The Cure
Megadeth - Poisonous Shadows
Megadeth - Post American World
Megadeth - Prince Of Darkness
Megadeth - Psychotron
Megadeth - Public Enemy No. 1
Megadeth - Rattlehead
Megadeth - Reckoning Day
Megadeth - Rust In Peace... Polaris
Megadeth - She-Wolf
Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth
Megadeth - Skull Beneath The Skin
Megadeth - Sleepwalker
Megadeth - Something That I'm Not
Megadeth - Sudden Death
Megadeth - Sudden Death
Megadeth - Super Collider
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth - Take No Prisoners
Megadeth - The Blackest Crow
Megadeth - The Conjuring
Megadeth - The Emperor
Megadeth - The Killing Road
Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane
Megadeth - The Threat Is Real
Megadeth - This Day We Fight!
Megadeth - This Was My Life
Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Megadeth - Train Of Consequences
Megadeth - Trust
Megadeth - Victory
Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
Megadeth - Washington Is Next!
Megadeth - Youthanasia
Metal Church - Anthem To The Estranged
Metal Church - Beyond The Black
Metal Church - Metal Church
Metal Church - Start The Fire
Metal Church - The Dark
Metal Church - Ton Of Bricks
Metal Church - Waiting For A Saviour
Metal Church - Watch The Children Pray
Metallica - (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
Metallica - Am I Evil
Metallica - Astronomy
Metallica - Battery
Metallica - Breadfan
Metallica - Call of Ktulu
Metallica - Creeping Death
Metallica - Cyanide
Metallica - Damage, Inc.
Metallica - Devils Dance
Metallica - Disposable Heroes
Metallica - Ecstasy of Gold
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Metallica - Escape
Metallica - Fade to Black
Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire
Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (2.11)
Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Metallica - Four Horsemen
Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow
Metallica - Hate Train
Metallica - Hell And Back
Metallica - Holier than thou
Metallica - -Human
Metallica - I Disappear
Metallica - Just a Bullet Away
Metallica - King Nothing
Metallica - Leper Messiah
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Metallica - Metal Militia
Metallica - Motorbreath
Metallica - My Apocalypse
Metallica - My friend of Misery
Metallica - No Leaf Clover
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Metallica - Of wolf and man
Metallica - One (S&M)
Metallica - One
Metallica - Orion
Metallica - Phantom Lord
Metallica - Rebel Of Babylon
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Metallica - Sad But True
Metallica - Seek and Destroy
Metallica - Shoot Me Again
Metallica - So What
Metallica - Suicide and Redemption
Metallica - That Was Just Your Life
Metallica - The Call of Ktulu
Metallica - The Four Horsemen
Metallica - The god that failed
Metallica - The Struggle Within
Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
Metallica - The Unforgiven
Metallica - Through the never
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice
Metallica - Turn The Page
Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Metallica - When a Blind Man Cries
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
Metallica - Whiplash
Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar
Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood
Motley Crue - Fight for Your Rights
Mötley Crüe - Girls, Girls, Girls
Motley Crue - Helter Skelter
Mötley Crüe - Home Sweet Home
Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow
Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
Mötley Crüe - Live Wire
Motley Crue - Looks That Kill
Motley Crue - Primal Scream
Motley Crue - Raise Your Hands to Rock
Motley Crue - Same Ol' Situation
Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil
Motley Crue - Smokin' In The Boys Room
Motley Crue - Tonight (We Need a Lover)
Motley Crue - Too Young to Fall in Love
Motley Crue - Wild Side
Motörhead - Ace of Spades
Motörhead - Love Me Like a Reptile
Mudvayne - Dig
Mudvayne - Happy
Mudvayne - World So Cold
Murderdolls - Blood Stained Valentine
Murderdolls - My Dark Place Alone
Murderdolls - Nothing's Gonna Be Alright
Murderdolls - Nowhere
Murderdolls - Summertime Suicide
Murderdolls - White Wedding
Mushroomhead - Before I Die
MushroomHead - QWERTY
My Darkest Days - **** Star Dancing
Napalm Death - Identity Crisis
Napalm Death - Suffer The Children
Napalm Death - When All Is Said And Done
Napalm Death - You Suffer
Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
Necrophagist - Fermented Offal Discharge
Nevermore - 42147
Nevermore - Ambivalent
Nevermore - Beyond Within
Nevermore - Born
Nevermore - Create the Infinite
Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
Nevermore - No More Will
Nevermore - Poison Godmachine
Nevermore - She Comes In Colors
Nevermore - The Death of Passion
Nevermore - The Psalm of Lydia
Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come
Nevermore - The Sound of Silence
Nevermore - The Termination Proclamation
Nevermore - The Tiananmen Man
Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves
Nightwish - 10th Man Down
Nightwish - Amaranth
Nightwish - Bless The Child
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful
Nightwish - Come Cover Me
Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders Instrumental
Nightwish - Dark Chest Of Wonders
Nightwish - Dead Gardens
Nightwish - Dead to the World
Nightwish - Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
Nightwish - Edema Ruh
Nightwish - Elan
Nightwish - End Of All Hope
Nightwish - For The Heart I Once Had
Nightwish - Gethsemane
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (Buenos Aires)
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
Nightwish - Ghost River
Nightwish - High Hopes (live)
Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back (Wacken Open Air 2013)
Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back
Nightwish - Kiteen Pallo Tunnari
Nightwish - Last Ride of the Day (Wacken Open Air 2013)
Nightwish - Last Ride Of The Day
Nightwish - Master Passion Greed
Nightwish - Moondance
Nightwish - Nemo
Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away
Nightwish - Passion And The Opera
Nightwish - Phantom of the Opera
Nightwish - Planet Hell
Nightwish - Rest Calm
Nightwish - Romanticide (Wacken Open Air 2013)
Nightwish - Sacrament Of Wilderness
Nightwish - Sahara
Nightwish - Scaretale
Nightwish - She Is My Sin
Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer
Nightwish - Sleeping Sun
Nightwish - Song Of Myself
Nightwish - Stargazers
Nightwish - Storytime
Nightwish - Swanheart
Nightwish - The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
Nightwish - The Kinslayer
Nightwish - The Riddler
Nightwish - The Siren
Nightwish - White Night Fantasy
Nightwish - Wish I Had an Angel (Wacken Open Air 2013)
Nightwish - Wish I Had An Angel
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Nile - Execration Text
Nile - Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water
Obituary - Cause of Death
Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Obituary - The End Complete
Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows
OOMPH! - Augen Auf!
OOMPH! - Brennende Liebe
OOMPH! - Ego
OOMPH! - Ernten Was Wir Säen (Cover)
OOMPH! - Ich Will Deine Seele
OOMPH! - Labyrinth
OOMPH! - Niemand
OOMPH! - Sandmann
OOMPH! - S̀eꭙ Hat Keine Macht
OOMPH! - Supernova
OOMPH! - Traeumst Du
Opeth - Beneath The Mire
Opeth - Black Rose Immortal
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Opeth - Closure
Opeth - Coil
Opeth - Cusp Of Eternity
Opeth - Deliverance
Opeth - Eternal Rains Will Come
Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
Opeth - Godhead's Lament
Opeth - Haxprocess
Opeth - Heir Apparent
Opeth - Hessian Peel
Opeth - Hope Leaves
Opeth - In My Time of Need
Opeth - Master's Apprentices
Opeth - ReverieHarlequin Forest
Opeth - The Baying of the Hounds
Opeth - The Drapery Falls
Opeth - The Funeral Portrait
Opeth - The Leper Affinity
Opeth - The Lines in My Hand
Opeth - To Bid You Farewell
Opeth - To Rid the Disease
Opeth - Windowpane
Opeth - Wreath
Overkill - Elimination
Overkill - Ironbound
Ozzy Osbourne  - Killer Of Giants
Ozzy Osbourne  - Road To Nowhere
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
Ozzy Osbourne - Believer
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Babies
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman
Ozzy Osbourne - Facing Hell
Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Know
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop
Ozzy Osbourne - Let Me Hear You Scream
Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won't Wait
Ozzy Osbourne - Little Dolls
Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home
Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle man
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain
Ozzy Osbourne - My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
Ozzy Osbourne - Over The Mountain
Ozzy Osbourne - Paranoid (Live)
Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation (Mother Earth)
Ozzy Osbourne - S.A.T.O.
Ozzy Osbourne - Secret Loser
Ozzy Osbourne - See You On The Other Side
Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark
Ozzy Osbourne - Steal Away (the Night)
Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution (Live)
Ozzy Osbourne - You're No Different
Ozzy Osbourne - Zombie Stomp
Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
Pantera - 10s
Pantera - 25 Years
Pantera - A New Level
Pantera - Becoming
Pantera - By Demons Be Driven
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
Pantera - Domination
Pantera - Drag the Waters
Pantera - Floods
Pantera - Fucking Hostile
Pantera - Heresy
Pantera - Hollow
Pantera - I'm Broken
Pantera - Immortally Insane
Pantera - Live In A Hole
Pantera - Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)
Pantera - Medicine Man
Pantera - Message In Blood
Pantera - Mouth For War
Pantera - No Good (Attack The Radical)
Pantera - Planet Caravan
Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Pantera - Psycho Holiday
Pantera - Regular People (Conceit)
Pantera - Revolution is My Name
Pantera - Rise
Pantera - Shattered
Pantera - Shedding Skin
Pantera - Slaughtered
Pantera - Strength Beyond Strength
Pantera - The Art Of Shredding
Pantera - The Sleep
Pantera - This Love
Pantera - Walk
Pantera - War Nerve
Pantera - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
Paradise Lost - Channel For The Pain
Paradise Lost - Cruel One
Paradise Lost - Embers Fire
Paradise Lost - Enchantment
Paradise Lost - Forever Failure
Paradise Lost - Smalltown Boy
Periphery - Erised (John Petrucci guest solo)
Periphery - Froggin' Bullfish
Periphery - Heavy Heart
Periphery - Icarus Lives!
Periphery - Luck as a Constant
Periphery - Muramasa
Periphery - The Bad Thing
Periphery - The Gods Must Be Crazy!
Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Poison - Life Goes On
Poison - Love On The Rocks
Poison - Nothin' But a Good Time
Poison - Nothing But A Good Time
Poison - Talk Dirty To Me
Poison - Your Mama Dont Dance
Powerwolf - All We Need Is Blood
Powerwolf - Amen & Attack
Powerwolf - Armata Strigoi
Powerwolf - Army Of The Night
Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed
Powerwolf - Coleus Sanctus
Powerwolf - Let There be Night
Powerwolf - Prayer In The Dark
Powerwolf - Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
Powerwolf - Resurrection By Erection
Powerwolf - Sacramental Sister
Powerwolf - Sacred & Wild
Powerwolf - Sanctified with dynamite
Powerwolf - Vampires Don't Die
Powerwolf - We Are The Wild
Powerwolf - We drink your blood
Powerwolf - We Take The Church By Storm
Powerwolf - Werewolves Of Armenia
Primal Fear - Battalions Of Hate
Primal Fear - Cold Day In Hell
Primal Fear - Seven Seals
Primal Fear - Wings Of Desire
Queensryche - Anarchy X
Queensrÿche - Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Queensryche - Breaking the Silence
Queensrÿche - Empire
Queensryche - Eyes of a Stranger
Queensryche - I Don't Believe in Love
Queensrÿche - Jet City Woman
Queensrÿche - Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche - Queen of the Ryche
Queensryche - Revolution Calling
Queensryche - Roads To Madness
Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity
Queensryche - Speak
Queensryche - Spreading the Disease
Queensryche - The Mission
Queensryche - The Needle Lies
Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head
Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel the Noize
Rammstein  - Feuer Frei
Rammstein - Adios
Rammstein - Alter Mann
Rammstein - Amerika
Rammstein - Amour
Rammstein - Buck Dich
Rammstein - Buckstabu
Rammstein - Dalai Lama
Rammstein - Donaukinder
Rammstein - Du Hast
Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut
Rammstein - Engel
Rammstein - Feuer Frei!
Rammstein - Feuer Und Wasser
Rammstein - Fruhling in Paris
Rammstein - Führe mich
Rammstein - Haifisch
Rammstein - Hallelujah
Rammstein - Halt
Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh
Rammstein - Ich will
Rammstein - Keine Lust
Rammstein - Klavier
Rammstein - Laichzeit
Rammstein - Links 2 3 4
Rammstein - Los
Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann
Rammstein - Mehr
Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt (Drop C)
Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt
Rammstein - Mein Land
Rammstein - Morgenstern
Rammstein - Moskau
Rammstein - Ohne Dich
Rammstein - *****
Rammstein - Rammlied
Rammstein - Rein Raus
Rammstein - Reise Reise
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Rammstein - Seemann
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Rammstein - Sonne
Rammstein - Spiel Mit Mir
Rammstein - Stein Um Stein
Rammstein - Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)
Rammstein - Stripped
Rammstein - Te Quiero Puta!
Rammstein - Tier
Rammstein - Weisses Fleisch
Rammstein - Wo Bist Du
Rammstein - Zerstoeren
Ratt - Round and Round
Reverend Bizarre - They Used Dark ForcesTeutonic Witch
Revocation - Across Forests and Fjords
Revocation - Anthem of the Betrayed
Revocation - Archfiend
Revocation - Chaos Of Forms
Revocation - Conjuring The Cataclysm
Revocation - Cradle Robber
Revocation - Cretin
Revocation - Dethroned
Revocation - Dismantle the Dictator
Revocation - Exhumed Identity
Revocation - Fields Of Predation
Revocation - Fracked
Revocation - Invidious
Revocation - No Funeral
Revocation - None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
Revocation - Suffer These Wounds
Revocation - Tail From The Crypt
Revocation - The Grip Tightens
Revocation - The Tragedy of Modern Ages
Rhapsody  - Dawn Of Victory
Rhapsody - Emerald Sword
Rhapsody - The March Of The Swordmaster
Rhapsody - Trolls In The Dark
Rhapsody - Unholy Warcry
Rhapsody - Wisdom Of The Kings
Riot - Bloodstreets
Riot - Outlaw
Riot - Sign Of The Crimson Storm
Riot - Thundersteel
Rise Against - 1000 Good Intentions
Rise Against - A Gentleman's Coup
Rise Against - Anyway You Want It
Rise Against - Anywhere But Here
Rise Against - Architects
Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors
Rise Against - Black Masks and Gasoline
Rise Against - Blind
Rise Against - Blood To Bleed
Rise Against - Bricks
Rise Against - Bridges
Rise Against - Broken English
Rise Against - Chamber The Cartridge
Rise Against - Collapse (Post-Amerika)
Rise Against - Dancing For Rain
Rise Against - Dead Ringer
Rise Against - Death Blossoms
Rise Against - Dirt And Roses
Rise Against - Drones
Rise Against - Elective Amnesia
Rise Against - Endgame
Rise Against - Entertainment
Rise Against - Everchanging
Rise Against - From Heads Unworthy
Rise Against - Give It All
Rise Against - Hairline Fracture
Rise Against - Halfway There
Rise Against - Heaven Knows
Rise Against - Hero Of War
Rise Against - Historia Calamitatum
Rise Against - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
Rise Against - Injection
Rise Against - Kotov Syndrome
Rise Against - Life Less Frightening
Rise Against - Like The Angel
Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons
Rise Against - Make it Stop (September's Children)
Rise Against - Making Christmas
Rise Against - Methadone
Rise Against - My Life Inside Your Heart
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
Rise Against - Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Rise Against - Satellite
Rise Against - Savior
Rise Against - State Of The Union
Rise Against - Survive
Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Rise Against - The Approaching Curve
Rise Against - The Black Market
Rise Against - The Dirt Whispered
Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist Inside Me
Rise Against - The First Drop
Rise Against - The Good Left Undone
Rise Against - The Strength To Go On
Rise Against - This is Letting Go
Rise Against - Tip The Scales
Rise Against - To Them These Streets Belong
Rise Against - Tragedy & Time
Rise Against - Under The Knife
Rise Against - Voices Off Camera
Rise Against - Wait For Me
Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown
Rise Against - Zero Visibility
Rob Zombie - Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown
Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding
Rob Zombie - Dragula
Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb
Sabaka - Monochromic
Sabaton - 40  1
Sabaton - 1648 (Swedish)
Sabaton - 1648
Sabaton - A Lifetime of War
Sabaton - Aces In Exile
Sabaton - Angels Calling
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus
Sabaton - Back In Control
Sabaton - Carolus Rex [Swedish version]
Sabaton - Carolus Rex
Sabaton - Cliffs of Gallipoli
Sabaton - Coat of Arms Instrumental
Sabaton - Counterstrike
Sabaton - En Livstid I Krig
Sabaton - Ghost division
Sabaton - Glorious Land
Sabaton - Gott Mit Uns (Swedish)
Sabaton - Gott Mit Uns
Sabaton - Hearts of Iron
Sabaton - In The Name Of God
Sabaton - Into The Fire
Sabaton - Karoliners Bon
Sabaton - Killing Ground
Sabaton - Konungens Likfard
Sabaton - Lejonet Fran Norden
Sabaton - Light in the Black
Sabaton - Long Live the King
Sabaton - Metal Crüe
Sabaton - Metal Machine
Sabaton - Midway
Sabaton - Night Witches
Sabaton - No Bullets Fly
Sabaton - Nuclear Attack
Sabaton - Panzer Battalion
Sabaton - Panzerkampf
Sabaton - Poltava
Sabaton - Primo Victoria
Sabaton - Purple Heart
Sabaton - Reign Of Terror
Sabaton - Resist And Bite DD
Sabaton - Rise of Evil
Sabaton - Smoking Snakes
Sabaton - Soldier of 3 Armies
Sabaton - Stalingrad
Sabaton - Swedish Pagans
Sabaton - Talvisota
Sabaton - The Art of War
Sabaton - The Carolean's Prayer
Sabaton - The Final Solution
Sabaton - The Lion From The North
Sabaton - The Price of a Mile
Sabaton - To Hell And Back
Sabaton - Unbreakable
Sabaton - Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)
Sabaton - Uprising
Sabaton - We Burn
Sabaton - White Death
Sabaton - Wolfpack
Sanctuary - Future Tense
Sanctuary - Seasons of Destruction
Sanctuary - Taste Revenge
Satyricon - Black crow on a tombstone
Satyricon - Fuel for Hatred
Satyricon - Mother North
Satyricon - Phoenix
Satyricon - The Pentagram Burns
Satyricon - The wolfpack
Saxon  - Ride Like The Wind
Saxon - And The Bands Played On
Saxon - Broken Heroes
Saxon - Crusader
Saxon - Denim And Leather
Saxon - Hold On
Saxon - Just Let Me Rock
Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law
Saxon - To Hell And Back Again
Saxon - We Are Strong
Scar Symmetry - Reborn
Scorpions - Alien Nation
Scorpions - Always Somewhere
Scorpions - Bad Boys Running Wild
Scorpions - Blackout
Scorpions - Coast To Coast
Scorpions - Don't Believe Her
Scorpions - Dont Stop At The Top
Scorpions - Every Minute Every Day
Scorpions - Humanity
Scorpions - I'm Leaving You
Scorpions - In Trance
Scorpions - In Your Park
Scorpions - Make It Real
Scorpions - No One Like You
Scorpions - Passion Rules The Game
Scorpions - Raised On Rock
Scorpions - Rhythm of Love
Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricaine
Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane
Scorpions - Send me an Angel
Scorpions - Sly
Scorpions - Still Loving You
Scorpions - Sting In The Tail
Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me
Scorpions - The Good Die Young
Scorpions - The Zoo
Scorpions - Through My Eyes
Scorpions - When The Smoke Is Going Down
Scorpions - When You Came Into My Life
Scorpions - White Dove
Scorpions - Wind of Change
Scorpions - You And I
Scorpions - You Give Me All I Need
Sentenced - A Long Way To Nowhere
Sentenced - Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing To Me)
Sentenced - Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
Sentenced - Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
Sentenced - May Today Become The Day
Sepultra - Propaganda
Sepultura - Altered State
Sepultura - Dead Embryonic cells
Sepultura - Desperate cry
Sepultura - Escapeto the void
Sepultura - Intro
Sepultura - RefuseResist
sepultura - roots bloody roots
Sepultura - Territory
Sepultura - Troops of doom
Shinedown - 45
Shinedown - Bully
Shinedown - Diamond Eyes
Shinedown - Enemies
Shinedown - Second Chance
Shinedown - Simple Man
Shinedown - Sound of Madness
Sigh - Corpsecry
Six Feet Under - Amerika the Brutal
Six Feet Under - Doomsday
Six Feet Under - Ghosts of the undead
Six Feet Under - Revenge Of The Zombie
Six Feet Under - War Is Coming
Skeletonwitch - ...and Into The Flame
Skeletonwitch - Beyond the Permafrost
Skeletonwitch - Burned From Bone
Skeletonwitch - Gorge Upon My Soul
Skeletonwitch - Limb From Limb
Skeletonwitch - Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer
Skeletonwitch - Stand Fight and Die
Skeletonwitch - Strangled By Unseen Hands
Skeletonwitch - This Evil Embrace
Skeletonwitch - Upon Wings of Black
Skillet - Awake and Alive
Skillet - Hero
Skillet - Monster
Slayer - 213
Slayer - Angel of Death
Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep
Slayer - Behind The Crooked Cross
Slayer - Bloodline
Slayer - Chemical Warfare
Slayer - Dead Skin Mask
Slayer - Disciple
Slayer - Dittohead
Slayer - Eyes Of The Insane
Slayer - Hate Worldwide
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Jihad
Slayer - Kill Again
Slayer - Mandatory Suicide
Slayer - Necrophobic
Slayer - Payback
Slayer - Piece By Piece
Slayer - Postmortem
Slayer - Raining Blood
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
Slayer - Skeletons Of Society
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Slayer - Spill The Blood
Slayer - Stain of Mind
Slayer - Temptation
Slayer - The Antichrist
Slayer - War Ensemble
Slayer - World Painted Blood
Slipknot - (SIC)
Slipknot - All Hope is Gone
Slipknot - AOV
Slipknot - Before I Forget
Slipknot - Butcher's Hook
Slipknot - Child of Burning Time
Slipknot - Circle
Slipknot - Danger - Keep Away
Slipknot - Dead Memories
Slipknot - Diluted
SlipKnot - Duality
Slipknot - Eeyore
Slipknot - Eyeless
Slipknot - Gehenna
Slipknot - Gematria (The Killing Name)
Slipknot - Get This
Slipknot - I Am Hated
Slipknot - Killpop
Slipknot - Lech
SlipKnot - Left Behind
Slipknot - Liberate
Slipknot - Opium of the People
Slipknot - People=Shit
Slipknot - Prelude 3.0
Slipknot - Psychosocial
Slipknot - Purity
Slipknot - Sarcastrophe
Slipknot - Snuff
Slipknot - Spit it Out
Slipknot - Sulfur
Slipknot - Surfacing
SlipKnot - The Devil In I
Slipknot - The Heretic Anthem
Slipknot - The Negative One
Slipknot - This Cold Black
Slipknot - Vendetta
Slipknot - Vermilion, Pt 2
Slipknot - Wait And Bleed
Slipknot - Welcome
Slipknot - Wherein Lies Continue
Sodom - Blood On Your Lips
Sodom - Remember The Fallen
Soilwork -  Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter
Soilwork - Departure Plan
Soilwork - Rejection Role
Soilwork - The Momentary Bliss
Soilwork - Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning
Sonata Arctica - 8th Commandment
Sonata Arctica - Ain't Your Fairytale
Sonata Arctica - Black Sheep
Sonata Arctica - Blank File
Sonata Arctica - Cinderblox
Sonata Arctica - Cloud Factory
Sonata Arctica - Destruction Preventer
Sonata Arctica - Don't say a word
Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon
Sonata Arctica - Kingdom for a Heart
Sonata Arctica - Letter To Dana
Sonata Arctica - Mary-Lou
Sonata Arctica - My Selene
Sonata Arctica - Peacemaker
Sonata Arctica - Replica
Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian (Revisited)
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Sonata Arctica - The Power Of One
Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Sonata Arctica - The Wolves Die Young
Sonata Arctica - Weballergy
Sonata Arctica - White Pearl, Black Oceans
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven
Sonic Mayhem - Kill Ratio
Sonic Mayhem - March Of The Stroggs
Sonic Mayhem - Quad Machine
Sonic Mayhem - Rage
Sons Of Kyuss - Isolation Desolation
Spawn Of Possession - Bodiless Sleeper
Static-X - Destroyer
Static-X - I'm The One
Static-X - I'm With Stupid
Static-X - Love Dump
Static-X - Push It
Static-X - The Only
Steel Dragon - Stand up (and Shout)
Steel Dragon - We All Die Young
Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row
Steel Panther - Asian Hooker
Steel Panther - Community Property
Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal
Steel Panther - Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
Steel Panther - Eyes Of A Panther
Steel Panther - Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Steel Panther - Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
Steel Panther - Gloryhole
Steel Panther - Hells On Fire
Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me
Steel Panther - Just Like Tiger Woods
Steel Panther - Party All Day
Steel Panther - Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Steel Panther - Thats What Girls Are For
Steel Panther - The Burden Of Being Wonderful
Steel Panther - The Shocker
Steel Panther - Tomorrow Night
Steel Panther - Turn Out The Lights
Stormtroopers of Death - March of the SODSargent D
Strapping Young Lad - All Hail The New Flesh
Strapping Young Lad - Far Beyond Metal
Strapping Young Lad - Oh My Fucking God
Strapping Young Lad - The New Black
Stratovarius - Black Diamond
Stratovarius - Destiny
Stratovarius - Eagleheart
Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low
Stratovarius - I walk to my own song
Stratovarius - Paradise
Stratovarius - Unbreakable
Suicidal Angels - Apokathilosis
Sylosis - Empyreal
Sylosis - To Build a Tomb
Sylosis - Where The Sky Ends
Symphony X - Charon
Symphony X - Children Of A Faceless God
Symphony X - Dehumanized
Symphony X - Domination
Symphony X - Eve of Seduction
Symphony X - Evolution (The Grand Design)
Symphony X - Fallen
Symphony X - Iconoclast
Symphony X - Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
Symphony X - Light Up the Night
Symphony X - Of Sins and Shadows
Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Symphony X - Pharaoh
Symphony X - Reign in Madness
Symphony X - Revelation (Divus Pennae ex Tr
Symphony X - Set the World on Fire
Symphony X - Seven
Symphony X - Smoke and Mirrors
Symphony X - The Edge of Forever
Symphony X - The End Of Innocence
Symphony X - The Lord Of Chaos
Symphony X - The odyssey
Symphony X - The Relic
Symphony X - The Serpent's Kiss
Symphony X - The Walls of Babylon
Symphony X - Through the Looking Glass (Pts. 1, 2, 3)
Symphony X - To Hell and Back
Symphony X - Underworld
Symphony X - When All Is Lost
Symphony X - Without You
System of a Down - Aerials
System of a Down - Atwa
System of a Down - B.Y.O.B.
System of a Down - B.Y.O.B
System Of a Down - Forest
System of a Down - Hypnotize
System Of A Down - Know
System of a Down - Lonely Day
System Of A Down - Needles
System Of A Down - Old School Hollywood
System Of A Down - Peephole
System Of A Down - Prison Song
System Of A Down - Spiders
System Of A Down - Suggestions
System Of A Down - Suite-Pee
System of a Down - Toxicity
System Of A Down - Violent ****ography
System Of A Down - War
System Of A Down - X
Tankard - (Empty) Tankard
Tankard - Rules for Fools
Tankard - We Drink the Old Ways
Tankard - Zombie Attack
Tarot - Undead Son
Testament - A Day In The Death
Testament - Alone in the Dark
Testament - Careful What You Wish For
Testament - D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate)
Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth
Testament - Demonic Refusal
Testament - Disciples of The Watch
Testament - Electric Crown
Testament - Eyes of Wrath
Testament - Into the Pit
Testament - Native Blood
Testament - Over The Wall
Testament - Practice What You Preach
Testament - Souls of Black
Testament - The Burning Times
Testament - The Haunting
Testament - The Legacy
The Agonist - Business Suits and Combat Boots
The Birthday - stupid
The Birthday Massacre - Blue
The Birthday Massacre - I think were alone now
The Birthday Massacre - In the Dark
The Black Dahlia Murder - Climactic Degradation
The Black Dahlia Murder - Goat of Departure
The Black Dahlia Murder - In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
The Black Dahlia Murder - Statutory Ape
The Black Dahlia Murder - What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse
The Crown - Crowned In Terror
The Crown - Deathexplosion
The Crown - I Won't Follow
Theocracy - I am
Theocracy - Laying the demon to rest
Theocracy - Mirror of soul
Theocracy - The master storyteller
Theory of a Deadman - Bad Girlfriend
Therapy - Nowhere
Therion - Adulruna Rediviva
Therion - An Arrow from the Sun
Therion - Birth Of Venus Illegitima
Therion - Ginnungagap
Therion - Kali Yuga Pt 1 and 2
Therion - The Dreams of Swedenborg
Therion - The Perennial Sophia
Therion - Trul
Therion - Wine of Aluqah
TheSword - Lawless lands
Toxic Holocaust - 666
Triptykon - A Thousand Lies
Trivium - A Grey So Dark
Trivium - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Trivium - Anthem (We Are The Fire)
Trivium - Ascendancy
Trivium - Black
Trivium - Built to Fall
Trivium - Caustic Are The Ties That Bind
Trivium - Dying In Your Arms
Trivium - Entrance of the Conflagration
Trivium - In Waves
Trivium - Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Trivium - Like Light to the Flies
Trivium - Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
Trivium - Rain
Trivium - Shattering the Skies Above
Trivium - Strife
Trivium - Suffocating Sight
Trivium - The Decieved
Trivium - Vengeance Falls
Trivium - Villany Thrives
Turisas - Battle Metal
Turisas - No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
Turisas - Piece By Piece
TURISAS - Rasputin
Turisas - Sahti-Waari
Turisas - The Messenger
Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond
Tyr - Hold The Heathen Hammer High
TYR - The Northern Lights
Unearth - Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos
Unearth - We Are Not Anonymous
Vader - Revelation of black moses
Vader - Warlords
Vektor - Cosmic Cortex
Vektor - Dark Creations, Dead Creators (E Tuning)
Vektor - Dark Nebula (E tuning)
Vektor - Destroying the Cosmos (E Tuning)
Vektor - Dying World (E Tuning)
Vektor - Echoless Chamber (E tuning)
Vektor - Forests of Legend (E tuning)
Vektor - Hunger for Violence (E Tuning)
Vektor - Oblivion (E Tuning)
Vektor - Tetrastructural Minds (E Tuning)
Venom - Black Metal
Venom - In League With Satan
Violator - Ordered to Thrash
Virgin Steele - The Burning Of Rome Cry For Pompeii
Voivod - Brain Scan
Voivod - Experiment
Voivod - No Angel
Voivod - The Prow
Voivod - The Unknown Knows
White Zombie - Black Sunshine
White Zombie - Soul Crusher
White Zombie - ThunderKiss '65
White Zombie - Warp Asylum
Wintersun - Battle Against Time
Wintersun - Beyond The Dark Sun
Wintersun - Land Of Snow And Sorrow
Wintersun - Sons Of Winter And Stars
Wizard - Hall Of Odin
X Japan - Dahlia
X Japan - Jade
X Japan - Rusty Nail
X Japan - Scars
X-Japan - Kurenai
X-Japan - Orgasm
X-Japan - Silent Jealousy
X-Japan - X


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ayun!!! parang gusto ko na balikan ang pag tugtog ah... maraming salamat dito bossing... malaking tulong to sa kinakalawang na at naninigas ng mga daliri... kelangan na ulit ng praktis.... 🤘🤘🤘
malupit yung tuxguitar apps mo bossing "nothing else matters ,all or nothing"etc...thanks
ayun!!! parang gusto ko na balikan ang pag tugtog ah... maraming salamat dito bossing... malaking tulong to sa kinakalawang na at naninigas ng mga daliri... kelangan na ulit ng praktis.... 🤘🤘🤘
pag may time or siguro pag marami ang mahilig at naghanap ng ganito.dagdagan ko ito ng mga deathmetal,gothic metal,doom riffs,tips at iba pang mga tips.
malupit yung tuxguitar apps mo bossing "nothing else matters ,all or nothing"etc...thanks
I was actually looking for guitar pro 7.5, sadly wala akong mahanap.
Wala pang *****ed version yung GP7.5 puro trial pa lang.
marami kasi nag sabi na mas maganda ang guitar pro, but I am not quite sure if the older versions read gp5 files. So yan lang software na download ko as reader. So cguro that would matter na regarding sa accuracy according to the tabs accuracy or the author's interpretation. i will leave the shredding to you! 😈
Yes I have previous versions ng GP6.In terms of interface and items I think common lang din sya..what I've observed is the MIDI when it comes to sounds ng mga instruments.Kaya din nya yung GP5 files..kaso nasira laptop ko..hehehe
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